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MM|Eclair Laurens by starryAwesomeBlossom MM|Eclair Laurens by starryAwesomeBlossom

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“So, what’cha doin’, huh? Got any JUICY stories for me?”


"Listen up, Strap in, Notify your next of kin!"

name. Eclair Laurens
alias. -
age. 16
sexuality. Demiromantic, Pansexual
height & weight. 5'6", 118 lbs
grade. 10th
sun sign. Leo
moon sign. Aries
arcana. Sun


“I’m a tad mean, but I’m not afraid to take you out.”


  • - Coffee 
  • - Adventure
  • - Storms
  • - Books
  • - Romance
  • - Poetry
  • - Divining


  • + Strictness
  • + “Party Poopers”
  • + Being Confined, especially in small places
  • + Having to sit still for a long period of time
  • + Pessimism
  • + Laziness
  • + Unimaginative things.


First Impressions -- Energetic / Chatty / Quick-Witted / Impulsive / Lucky
So full of life, so fast! One can tell this girl is living life to the fullest. Her mind works fast, and her body works faster. She can always find something about the situation to go on and on about. She gets into odd and bad situations due to her instincts and mouth, but somehow always finds a way out.

 Closer and Closer -- Nosy / Optimistic / Flexible / Idealistic / Perceptive / Curious
Once one gets closer, she almost expects one to divulge anything about their life, as she does the same with hers. Long talks into the late night display her optimistic and ideal views. It seems to be the reason why she always acts on impulse and gets in trouble- she wishes to chase those idealistic worlds and make them into a reality. One also notices her eye for detail and ability to take whatever life throws at her in the face. Her perception causes her to notice little details, and questions about anything and everything, as she wants to know.


{TLDR; A restricting childhood, a rebellious child.The two never mix, and she got restless. She lived her life with a smile on her face, learning about the wonders of the world and keeping those same childish ideals and dreams into adolescence. The day came when her parents stopped wishing for her to be a certain way, and a certain invitation came to their door. With some persuading, she embarked to the academy. Upon learning the true reason for the invitation, she whole-heartedly accepted the invitation, excited what this new adventure will bring her.}

ACT 1.
Quite a child! The husband and wife rejoiced! A beautiful and perfect daughter, she will be! That’s what they thought she would be. As her parents attempted to mold her, shape her into the girl they wanted her to be, she always deformed and reformed their work. She never wanted to be a proper girl like they wanted her to be - she deemed it too boring.

But still, she stayed.

ACT 2.
School was a release for her. Everyone she knew was less strict on her, and in fact, encouraged her behaviour - Upbeat, outgoing, full of wonder for the world. Encouraging her behavior made her notice little details in the world, and she wanted to know more. It increased her love for learning, her curiosity led her to staying longer at school so she could learn and not come home to those hands of theirs.</b></b>

So, she stayed.

ACT 3.
The older she grew, the less they cared. The less they paid attention to her. She had siblings, so her parents tried their luck on them. They were successful. They said that they didn’t play favorites, but she knew better. They loved her siblings more than her. She didn’t care anymore.
One day, she found a school where she could truly get away from those uncaring hands. She sent in an application and hoped she could get in. Her parents couldn’t care less to where she went.

ACT 4.
She left.

ACT 5.
She reached her destination. It only took a  few hours to get there by car. Getting out of the car, she looked around with wonder. This school was in a deep forest, and she was already filled with wonderful butterflies. She wondered why it was in so deep, making her curiosity grow and grow by the minute. Upon being interviewed, she learned of the true nature of the academy. With a big smile, she accepted the invitation.

This was the beginning of a new adventure.


    Hazelnut Milk Tea

tea spirit.  
| Proud | Nosy | Noisy | Cheerful |

This spirit is ever the noisy one. She giggles quite a bit, and wants to be the first to know everything. She is a bit boisterous, bragging about accomplishments time and time again. The only one that can stand her is Eclair- They are two birds of a feather.

| Rapier

move set.

Power Strike [Lv.1]
A physical attack, basic for any front line fighter.

Haste [Lv. 1]
You speed up an ally for a flat amount, helping them dodge for the next three turns.


HP: 100

    Strength: 3
Magic: 2
Fortitude: 1
Resistance: 1
Agility: 3
Total Stats: 10



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kira99-chan Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2016  Student General Artist
Welcome to the group! Your character looks very interesting!
Can't wait to see more of her~

Would you like to rp sometime?
starryAwesomeBlossom Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2016  Student General Artist
Thank you very much! I'm really excited for this group!!

Yes of course how could I not ;w;
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starryAwesomeBlossom Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2016  Student General Artist
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KnoxyB Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2016  Student General Artist
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would you like to rp with one of my babs sometime?
starryAwesomeBlossom Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2016  Student General Artist
Thank you ;w;
I did that because it's hazelnut milk tea, eh? even though it's about coffee

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starryAwesomeBlossom Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2016  Student General Artist
Yep : p

skype is preferred tbh!!
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